ept-get for gentoo :)

I really love gentoo. It's really cool to have a meta distribution, to have whole system built as you want.
    Sure, there are still things to do. For instance, I can't do apt-get remove in gentoo :)
    So, I wrote ept-get. Some people finds it useful, so now I am publishing it.

   Previously genorphan depended on epm and equery. It was slow, because epm and equery
   written in an interpreted language. Now, I rewrote needed epm and equery functionality,
   introducing a new, fast tool for gentoo linux epkg
   And if so, may be reasonable to rewrite emerge cause it's too slow comparable to apt.
   Because it is written in an interpreted language.

   Currently ept-get depend on epkg and emerge.

    SourceForge download page

SourceForge.net Logo     Check, may be you already can use emerge to do it :)
   ept-get update (it just calls "emerge --sync" yet)
   ept-get install <packagename> (it is just a wrapper too yet)
   ept-get remove <packagename>    ept-get was created especially for this!
   ept-get -h (or --help) shows usage

 Q: Why it is written in pascal?
 A:  Because I like to write code, which be compiled in native code.
       When I have to choose, write in pascal or C I prefer pascal.
       We have a high quality free pascal compiler
       It produces very fast and small code, which doesn't depend on libc :)
  Q: Anyway, why pascal? It is outdated. (blah blah blah)
  A:  No. Modern pascal implementations is comparable to other modern languages.
  And I will write in pascal while I have no suitable oberon compiler